Striped Layered Gelatin

This is not your Grandma’s gelatin dessert! The recipe has been given a modern-day makeover. It’s colorful, fun and festive.

For the holidays and special occasions, I can remember my grandma and mother serving elaborate gelatin molds, usually with some type of fruit mysteriously floating inside. I was always enamored with the way the treat wiggled on the plate. I find it impossible not to smile when enjoying such a fun dessert. To this day, eating gelatin makes me feel like I’m a child again.

Striped Gelatin Dessert 

I’ve taken the idea of a festive gelatin dessert and given it a modern-day makeover for the holidays. First, I layer red and white to create a candy cane effect and then top it with a dollop of whipped cream. Garnishing with bits and pieces of peppermint candies is the fun finishing touch. Who wouldn’t like to eat this?

There are some tricks to layering gelatin:

  • Do not follow the directions on the box of gelatin. You need a much firmer gelatin than the directions call for.

  • It’s important to add the next layer at the right time. The bottom layer should be set but not completely so that the next layer will adhere to it. To know when it’s ready, gently touch it. If it’s slightly firm but leaves an imprint of your finger, then you’re good.

  • Layer with a slow and steady hand. Remember, the bottom layer isn’t completely set, so you don’t want to quickly pour the next layer on top and end up with a tie-dyed dessert.

And there you have it…a little time, a steady hand and you’re all set! So go ahead and get creative with your gelatin desserts. Mix and match colors and flavors to suit any occasion.

Blogger Paula Jones from Bell'alimento has updated this classic with a fun and festive twist. This modern Striped Gelatin Dessert recipe will not be confused with Grandma’s gelatin dessert.
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