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Southern-Style Thanksgiving

All the mainstays of a great Southern Thanksgiving are here—pecan stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn pudding—but it's the deep-fried turkey that steals the show.

Southern Style Thanksgiving

Success Strategies

  • Before or after the game? Check television schedule. If family will be watching a game before you eat, more appetizers might be called for. Good additional suggestions are: The Big Game Chex® Mix and Portabellas with Corn Salsa.
  • If wine is part of the meal, choose richer, more robust reds and more flavorful whites than those that typically grace the Thanksgiving meal. We like California Syrah or Australian Shiraz with rich tasting deep-fried turkey. Or, consult your wine merchant for a regional wine that's perfect with this menu.
  • If you have yet to invest in the equipment needed for deep-fried turkey, here are two alternative spicy turkey suggestions: Southwestern Turkey or Grilled Chipotle Turkey Breast.