Sneak a peek at how 5 members of team Betty Crocker plan to celebrate their Moms this Mother's Day.

Mom is Music to My Ears

My mom is amazing. I know that now, but like most kids, I didn’t actually appreciate how special she is (and was) until I was much older.

She started me on piano lessons in the 2nd grade. She sat with me nearly every day for 1/2 hour to drill scales and learn music for 5 years. At the time, I remember just hating it. I would complain, beg, and bargain… anything to get out of practicing! But she was remarkably undaunted by even my brattiest efforts. Long story short, and after many years, I learned to love the piano and eventually even earned a degree in music.

To this day, making music is a huge part of our lives. Our Mother’s Day tradition (and any other time we are able to get together), is to simply sit down at the piano and play together.

Mike Bettison, Interactive Marketing Manager
My mom makes the best: Apple Crisp

It All Started with Mom and Grandma

Food. Family. Hospitality. These are the pillars of our family. These are values and lessons that have been taught by my grandma and my mom to me since day one. It took me a while to grasp the importance of these ideas. The importance of why we had dinner together as a family every night. The importance of making sure that there is food in your fridge…just in case someone stops by. The value of showing people that they are loved through your kitchen and your home.

To show my appreciation to these two incredible women, who are my example of strength and love, I want to cater to them this Mother’s Day. I might make my grandma’s famous Chicken Casserole (the ingredients are always in her pantry, ready to make) or my mom’s egg rolls (always requested, always devoured). But no matter what I serve, I will say thank you a million times. They are the reason I am the woman I am today.

Jessica Walker, Web Publisher and Content Contributor
What I'm making for Mother's Day: Grandma's Chicken Casserole or Egg Rolls

Mother's Day is Major

When you come from a house that has three boys (including me) and just one Mom to take care of us, Mother’s Day deserves to be ranked up there as a major holiday.

Our tradition is to start out with a top-notch brunch at our favorite restaurant on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.  The reservation list is packed months ahead of time, but the stress of remembering to make one is well worth it. Made-to-order omelets, waffles and a to-die-for dessert bar usually means my boys eat their money’s worth.

Afterward, we get that special picture of my two sons with Mom. We’ve been doing this special photo for years. If you put them side-by-side, you can see the boys grow and pass Mom in height, but never in stature as she still rules the house!

Jeff Nowak, Editorial Director
We're teaming up to treat mom with: Triple-Chocolate Brownie Trifle

My Idea of the Perfect Mother's Day

What’s my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day? It’s pretty simple, really. Some early morning snuggle time with rambunctious three-year-old Jack. Playing a giggly game of “peek-a-boo” with sweet baby Lise. Watching my husband Tim singing goofy songs that make the kids smile.

And - not to forget my furry, floppy-eared “firstborn,” Gunnar – strolling through the neighborhood so he can chase squirrels (but still somehow manage to be intimidated by Pomeranians).

Oh, and no laundry – no laundry of any kind – I mean, this is supposed to be my idea of the perfect Mother’s Day, right?

Susan Klobuchar, Food Content Marketing Manager
What I hope someone makes me for breakfast (hint-hint): Cheesecake Pancakes

Mom's Day By Mail

Celebrating Mother’s Day when you live hundreds of miles away from your mom can be tricky, but it’s not impossible! My favorite part of Mother’s Day (aside from my mom, of course) is coming up with a new and creative way to celebrate.

This year I’m planning to surprise and delight her with a treat every hour. I’ve written out 12 cards–each with a memory, story or note–and put them in envelopes along with pictures, trinkets and small gifts. Each one is labeled with a time from 8AM to 7PM. I’ve enlisted the help of my dad to deliver each one at the appropriate time so it will be like I’m with her all day long.

Oh, and of course we’ll Skype, too!

Kayla Knudson, Editor
The recipe that always reminds me of Mom: Ultimate Mac 'n Cheese

What is your favorite Mother's Day recipe?
Tell us by commenting below.

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Aww Kayla, what an awesome idea!
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Soooo cute! Wish i could meet all the moms!
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