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Healthy Fixes When Snack Attacks Strike

What to do when those mid-afternoon munchies hit? Skip the candy bar – grab something healthy, and delicious, instead.

It happens to everyone. You start off the day with a healthy breakfast, you think ahead and pack a lunch to bring with you. You’re feeling pretty good about your day and your eating habits and then 3 o’clock hits. You need a snack. You need a pick me up. And all you can think of is making a trip to the vending machine for something salty or sweet. Next time skip the vending machine and pack along a few healthy snacks. Worried that it’s too hard and you don’t know what to pack? Here are my five favorite easy, healthy snacks for when you need that 3 o’clock pick me up!

Option #1- Fresh Veggies

This is an easy option to fix up ahead of time. Save time on weekdays by cutting up your veggies the day you bring them home from the grocery store. Make baggies or containers full of varieties of your favorite vegetables. The crunch will give you some satisfaction. And if you can’t stand plain vegetables, also pack along a small container of ranch dip or hummus.

Option #2 – Popcorn


Skip the microwave bags and go for air-popped. Or if you do use microwave popcorn, use the plain version.  It has a lot less calories, and you can flavor it up in all kinds of different ways.  Try Nacho Popcorn, Curried Popcorn or this Asian Popcorn.

Option #3 – Frozen Fruit

Fresh fruit is always a great option, but change it up by freezing it! Frozen grapes make a great snack, as well as frozen chunks of watermelon. Experiment with your favorite fruits, or make a mix. You’ll be surprised at how much freezing the fruit will change things up for you.

Option #4 – Baked Chickpeas


If you are looking for some crunch, baked chickpeas are the way to go. These are so easy to make ahead of time. Keep a bag in your desk or a bag in your purse for when you need something salty or crunchy.  A few handfuls of these will leave you just as satisfied, and feeling much better, than a bag of chips. (If you like spicier snacks, check out this recipe for Chili and Lime Roasted Chick Peas.)

Option #5 – Almonds

I always have a bag of almonds nearby for when the snack attacks hit. A handful of almonds will scare away the grumbling tummy and it’s a snack that you can feel good about. If you don’t want them plain, you can easily buy flavored versions or you can spice them up yourself at home.  And the bonus is that they are super portable and easy to carry with you!

Packing healthy and tasty snacks doesn’t have to be hard or tasteless. What is your favorite mid-afternoon snack?

Soy sauce, wasabi peas and sesame oil turn plain popcorn into a spicy snack.
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We added the kick of cayenne pepper to baked chickpeas for a satisfying vegetarian snack.
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