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20 Ways To Stretch Your Food Dollars

Stretching the Food Dollar

We all know one sure way to save money is to eat out less often.  And while that might mean a few more trips to the grocery store, it also means more time spent at home enjoying the company of family and friends.  Preparing a meal with your kids, sharing laughs and catching up on the day provides rewards that go well beyond saving money.

How to Stretch Your Food Dollar

At the Grocery Store

1.  Choose from the top or bottom shelves in the grocery store. Items at eye level are usually more expensive.

2.  Shop the "reduced section" of the store and stock up on products you use regularly.

3.  Join grocery-saving clubs that entitle you to members-only savings.

4.  Buy in bulk or family-size packages; then divide and freeze items for later use.

5.  Purchase ingredients that are in season; they are usually cheaper and better quality.

6.  Shop at the end of the aisles for great deals.

7.  Never shop when you are hungry. Everything looks good then, and you'll be tempted to overspend.

8.  Allow yourself enough time for shopping so you can compare prices.

At the Meat Counter

9.  Purchase inexpensive cuts of meat and use them in your slow cooker.

10.  Instead of buying pre-made ground beef patties, make your own.

11.  Purchase less expensive ground beef.  Concerned about the fat content? Don't be. Just brown the meat, drain it with a colander, then rinse with hot water to remove the excess fat.

12.  Buy a bag of frozen meatballs and use the meatballs in several recipes.

13.  Roast your own whole chicken instead of buying a rotisserie chicken.

14.  Use bone-in chicken thighs or drumsticks instead of boneless chicken breasts; dark meat is typically less costly than white meat.

At Home

15.  Clip coupons from newspapers or download them from web sites.

16.  Plan your meals around in-store specials, especially meats.

17.  Make grocery list and stick to it.

18.  Save money - and time - by shopping and cooking with a friend.

19.  Grow your own vegetables and herbs.

20.  Stretch meat further by making casseroles.

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