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Glamorous Camping with Bacon-Wrapped Filets

Take camping up a notch with bacon-wrapped filets!

I have to admit, I’m not much for hardcore camping. Just a tent and a sleeping bag. Just not for me. Now if there’s a cabin involved and indoor plumbing count me in. I love the outdoors just like to have my modern conveniences.

When I first heard of “glamping” That’s glamorous camping and I promise I didn’t make that up. I was intrigued maybe this is something that I could actually get behind. Naturally if you’re going to be glamping you can’t just serve hamburgers now can you? No. In comes bacon-wrapped filets. You can cook them right over the campfire in your cast iron skillet.


Best part, you can purchase filets already wrapped in bacon. Of course if you can’t find them in your market, simply wrap a piece of bacon around and secure it with a toothpick (just remember to remove it prior to eating) All a good piece of steak ever needs (in my opinion) is salt and pepper. Add a side salad or cook a few scallops/shrimp on skewers along side your steak and you’ve got a meal fit for glamping!

Blogger Paula Jones from Bell'alimento shows us how to jazz up the campfire menu with Bacon-Wrapped Filets.

» Get the Recipe

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