Grilled Chicken

    Grilled Chicken: Irresistible, Juicy and Delicious
         Fire up the grill and get ready for summer's best grilled chicken recipes.

Whether you’re stuck in a chicken rut or itching to do your cooking outdoors, grilled chicken is the answer. And with so many recipes to choose from plus marinades, sauces and rubs, the options are infinite.

From kabobs and salads to simple chicken breast recipes, we’ve got you and your backyard barbeque covered all summer long!

 Top 10 Grilled Chicken Ideas

Best of Grilled

Sauces, Rubs
and Marinades

Quick and Easy Chicken Kabobs

Best of Grilled Chicken BBQ Sauces, Rubs and Marinades Chicken Kabobs

Here they are, all of our very
favorite grilled chicken recipes
gathered in one spot.

Kick basic grilled chicken
up a notch by adding an extra
pop of flavor.

Grilled chicken kabobs are a
breeze to prepare and ready in
just minutes.

Grilled Chicken

Marinades & More

Chicken Kabobs

How-To: Grilled Raspberry-Glazed Chicken

The Betty Crocker experts show you how to create fresh, tangy flavor with four ingredients, including jam and mustard, in just 30 minutes.

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How-To: Easy Marinades

Try some tasty marinated grilled chicken for dinner tonight! The Betty Crocker Kitchens show you how.

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How-To: Grilled Margarita Chicken Salad

The Betty Crocker experts show you how to make a refreshing grilled-chicken salad tossed with greens and strawberries.

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scotchman53 said: Posted: 8/3/2012 8:48 AM
i've been doing B.C. recipes for few months now and get nothing but "awesome " reviews from my room mates. from the chicken to ribs to plain oh hamburgers which by the way aren't plain. thank you so much. sure nice to be able to print these off.
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Your web site is the closest to talking to, and being face to face with a close friend. It is fun, warm, intelligent, pleasant to the eye and your recipes are grand. Thank you for the kindness, interest, and the good fun you bring to so many of your followers. Nan
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