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Beer-Battered Broccoli Bites

Even if you don’t like broccoli, you won’t be able to resist these amazing beer battered broccoli bites.


When I was a kid, my mother fried just about anything she could. I remember many a meal that consisted of two to three different veggies, all deep fried along with some chicken or fish. It was a great trick she used to introduce me to vegetables that I would have otherwise turned my nose up to.

I still love to deep fry different vegetables. It’s fun, sort of nutritious and beyond delicious. For this recipe, I took fresh broccoli and deep-fried it in a beer batter. I made my beer batter with a light American beer, self-rising flour, a few seasonings and Parmesan cheese. After I toss the broccoli in the batter, I deep-fry it at 375°, until it’s a beautiful golden brown. Then draining it on a rack.

I serve these little broccoli bites with Ranch dressing. You could also try another creamy pre-prepared salad dressing as a dip, or even sour cream.

Blogger Angie McGowan of Eclectic Recipes shares a fun way to enjoy broccoli!

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