Creepy Fun Halloween Ideas Scare Up Good Times

Halloween Chex Mix

Decorate and stuff your Halloween bags with outrageously clever treats and eats! We scared up a few decorating and bag filler ideas sure to delight every costumed cutie who comes to your door.


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Out of the (Candy) Box

There are plenty of alternatives to candy that will make trick-or-treaters scream Happy Halloween:

  • Bring on the Bars: Healthful options are always a welcome treat. Consider filling their bags with miniatures like Nature Valley Granola Thins or Larabar Minis.

  • Fab Fruit Snacks: From fruit-flavored gummy worms to fruit wraps like Fruit Roll Ups, Fruit by the Foot and Simply Fruit, hand out a snack with a flavorful twist.

  • Tricks for Treats: Make room for a few spooktacular accents: fake rubbery spiders; jiggly eyes; glow-in-the-dark rings and other spooky things that make Halloween special! 

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Fantastic Party Bag Fillers

Sure candy’s a great go-to for your party guests, but goodie bags filled with homemade treats to hand out to your ghoulish guests are also great for gobblin’:

 Monster Cereal Bars Monster Cereal Bars
Stir up a chocolate-peanut butter no bake treat in minutes.
 Spooky Ghost Cookies Simply Spooky Ghost Cookies
Using an easy-stir pumpkin cookie mix makes these treats anything but scary.
 Halloween Chex Mix Halloween Chex Mix
They’ll gobble up this fruit, Chex and cereal mix.


DIY Easy Treat Bags

Why spend money on store-bought bags when you can easily create your own from items you most likely have hanging around the house? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Brown Bag It: An ordinary brown lunch bag is a blank canvas for your creativity. One option: Using a hole puncher and some simple twine as a bow, you can fold over the top of the bag, punch it with a few holes, then weave the twine through the holes to seal the bag. Adding extras such as candy corns or other Halloween-inspired candy attached with a glue gun is a nice touch.

  • Hand’s Up:  Transform a clear plastic glove into a handy treat bag filled with lovable goodies such as jelly beans, gum drops, mints, whatever suits your fancy. Make sure to leave enough room up top to seal the bag with a twist tie.

  • Go Green:  Skip goodie bags altogether and instead use recyclable parchment paper tied with an orange bow as your candy carrier. Just cut wide strips of paper, fill the middle with your favorite candies, and gather up the ends to meet in the middle, tied with a boo-tiful bow.

Don’t forget to fill your goodie bags with an easy fix:  Chex Mix

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