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Freezer Pops and Poptails

Your favorite cocktails and drinks in a frozen pop? Yes, please!

At your next adult-only summer barbecue or get-together, how about serving poptails? These frozen takes on your favorite cocktails and summer drinks are perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day.

Frozen Pops

Here are four cool and delicious recipes, guaranteed to refresh and be a hit with your party crowd!

Screwdriver Frozen Pops

Frozen Screwdriver Poptail
A Screwdriver is a classic cocktail that combines two ingredients: orange juice and vodka. Simply combine ¼ cup orange juice and 1 tablespoon vodka in a small paper cup. Cover with foil and insert a wooden stick. Then freeze for about 5 hours. Tear off the paper cup, and you have a Screwdriver Poptail!

Boozy Lemonade Frozen Pops

Hard Lemonade Poptail
Do you like lemonade? How about lemonade with a little kick? Then you will love these Hard Lemonade Poptails! Using a combination of strawberry schnapps and lemonade, follow the same directions for freezing in cups. These take “hard” lemonade to a whole new level!

Sweet Tea Pops

Frozen Sweet Tea Pops
Sweet tea is the official drink of the South. Why not bring the sweet refreshing drink to your backyard as a frozen pop? These can satisfy your guests who crave something without alcohol, and they’re also perfect for cooling down in the summer heat. The recipe makes enough so that you can pour some of the tea over ice, too!

Frozen Smore Pops

Frozen S’More Pops
I love the warm and gooey taste of campfire s’mores, but the combination of flavors in a frozen treat is amazing, too. Simply combine instant chocolate pudding, marshmallow crème and Golden Grahams® cereal in small paper cups and freeze. This cool, creamy pop will satisfy your guests’ sweet tooths and have them grabbing for seconds!

Cool down this summer with frozen pops and poptails. Your friends will love them. Cheers!

Frozen Pops 

Your favorite refreshing cocktail is now a frozen poptail! 

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Here is a frozen lemonade poptail that has a refreshing kick! 

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Try this southern favorite can be made into a refreshing frozen pop! 

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You don’t need a campfire to enjoy the sweet taste of a s’more…these refreshing frozen pops are a cool summer treat! 

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