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Top 10 Tips for Healthier Dinners

Sarah Caron

If one of your New Year’s resolution is to be healthier, Sarah Caron of Sarah's Cucina Bella can help!

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Following are Sarah's 10 fantastic ways to kick off the season with sensible eating without sacrificing flavor! 


Use a kitchen scale

1. Use a kitchen scale.

Portion sizes have gotten larger over the years, making it hard to tell what’s appropriate. No, eyeballing isn’t a good solution. It’s best to weigh it before you eat it.  A scale ensures that you keep portions the right size, every time. Watch Sarah's video for portion control tips

Make salad a habit

2. Make salad a habit.

Lettuce and other veggies are low in calories and high in nutritional value. They’re also filling alongside a 4-ounce portion of protein (such as my Salt and Pepper Chicken Breasts) and a small whole-grain carb.

"Treat" yourself-wisely

3. “Treat” yourself—wisely.

“Treat” yourself—wisely Bacon bits, croutons and cheese, oh my! These tasty toppings can make a salad special, but also add a significant amount of calories. Instead of indulging all at once, choose only one and use it sparingly.

Try smart swapping

4. Try smart swapping.

Butter and sour cream on your baked potato adds calories, but salsa and a tablespoon of shredded cheddar are a much smarter choice that adds great flavor. Another smart trade? Sweet potatoes instead of white.

Choose lean proteins

5. Choose lean proteins.

Lean proteins, like chicken and fish, are way more waist-friendly than a well-marbled steak (I’ll be the first to admit the steak does taste great!) Take a cue from the Mediterranean-style of eating…limit red meat to once or twice a week.

Go whole grain

6. Go whole grain!

It’s a simple thing to choose whole grain breads over white, and whole wheat pasta. Do it—the whole grains aid your digestive tract. More about whole grains

Don't skip breakfast

7. Don’t skip breakfast.

Your mama probably told you this, but it’s really something to listen to—breakfast jumpstarts your body. So, eat something already!


8. Choose “good” fats.

Avocado and olive oil? Good fats. Omega-3 fatty acid-rich fish? Good fat. Butter and shortening? Bad  fat. Choose fats that are good for your body over saturated or trans fats.

Don't always say no

9. Don’t always say no.

You know that feeling when you really, really want something? Instead of trying to ignore it and consequently overeating, say yes—and have it in moderation. In the end, you will be more satisfied and be more likely to stick to your diet goals.


10. Exercise!

It’s not enough just to eat right. Exercise. The general rule of thumb, at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine.  Create your own custom fitness plan at Eat Better America.

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