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How to Make a Breakfast Blintz

Follow these tips for a perfect blintz every time.

Want to try something new that tastes great and, best of all, is easy to make? Blintzes are similar to thin crepe-like pancakes but with a heartier texture. You can stuff this versatile recipe with a sweet or savory filling for a breakfast, brunch, dinner or dessert dish. Follow these tips for a perfect blintz every time.

In a 6- to 7-inch skillet or crepe pan, melt butter over medium heat.

Pour 2 tablespoons batter into skillet; immediately tilt and rotate skillet until batter covers the bottom. BisquickBlintz_photo2
Stack crepes between sheets of waxed paper; keep covered to prevent from sticking or drying out. BisquickBlintz_photo3
Spoon 3 tablespoons egg mixture into center of each crepe; sprinkle with bacon. BisquickBlintz_photo4
Fold sides and ends of crepe over filling to form a rectangle. BisquickBlintz_photo5
Melt 1 tablespoon butter over medium heat. Place 5 blintzes, seam side down, in skillet; cook 1 to 2 minutes, turning once, until golden brown. BisquickBlintz_photo6