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Hot Dog Dilemma Solved

No More Buns? No More Problems!

George Banks isn’t the only one who wonders why hot dogs come in packs unequal to the number of hot dog buns per bag. It’s a problem that has bothered us for years. Now we’re doing something about it! Here’s a collection of smart solutions that will keep you out of the slammer and in good eats. Even after the disappearance of the last hot dog bun.

Make it Sizzle

Our Hot Dog and Veggie Cheeseburger Skillet hits all the right notes with kids: hot dogs, burgers and cheese. We call that a win-win-win. Did we mention this is ready in less than 30 minutes?


Get Saucy

Turn last night’s leftover hot dogs into tonight’s beefed up spaghetti sauce. Cut ‘em up, mix ‘em in and chow down. Here’s our favorite sauce to get you started: Slow Cooker Spaghetti Sauce.

Taco About It

This is one of those opposites attract tales of true love—you will truly love these Chili Dog Tacos. Tip: Cut hot dogs in half lengthwise and double up on the chili to stretch your leftovers.


Octodogs to the Rescue

This one is quick, easy and quirky. Slice the hot dog in half lengthwise, leaving 2 inches at the top. Roll 90 degrees and repeat to form 2 more tentacles for a total of 4. Continue by slicing each in half to make 8 tentacles. Voila!

Three Cheers for Underdogs

Some people will have you believe crescent dogs can only be made with little smokies. We’re here to tell you that just isn’t so! When you’ve got leftover hot dogs and our Cheesy Crescent Underdogs recipe, the choice is yours.


Franks Meet Beans

It’s easy to see where this one is going. Start out with this tried-and-true recipe Old-Fashioned Baked Beans then add in the good stuff. Your kids will thank you.

That’s a Wrap

You could argue that you don’t even really need hot dog buns for hot dog night. That’s the case for these Dallas Dogs, where soft shell taco shells do the trick. And delicious so, we might add!


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