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Mini Cookies ’n Cream Stuffed Cakes

Mini cookies ’n’ cream cakes drizzled with chocolate ganache just might be a little piece of heaven!

Past Contributor
My kids love anything with cookies ’n’ cream. So when I served these, they went crazy over them. I made the cakes in regular muffin tins, but you can also prepare them in mini muffin tins. Mini Cookies ‘n Cream Stuffed Cakes
The recipe starts off with some basic ingredients that you may already have at home. Mini Cookies ‘n Cream Stuffed Cakes
The amazing taste of Betty Crocker® Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake—filled with cookies ’n’ cream and drizzled with chocolate ganache—makes these mini cakes so addictive that they should be illegal in most states! 

It’s pretty simple to make these. Just bake up a batch of triple fudge cupcakes in greased muffin tins (with no paper liners) according to the directions on the box. Beat the cream cheese with butter, sugar, vanilla and heavy cream. Then fold in some crumbled chocolate cream-filled cookies.

Mini Cookies ‘n Cream Stuffed Cakes

Mini Cookies ‘n Cream Stuffed Cakes
The final touch is a chocolate ganache topping and a sprinkling of crumbled cookies. Mini Cookies ‘n Cream Stuffed Cakes
These cakes are not only amazingly yummy, but they look so pretty, too. They can be made ahead and refrigerated until ready to serve. I think it’s a dessert that adults and kids will just love. They are great for birthday parties as well as an elegant dinner. After all, who doesn’t love cookies ’n’ cream?