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Hazelnut Brownie Tart

With just a few ingredients, you can make this creamy, chocolate-y and impressive dessert!

Past Contributor
Who knew that plain yogurt could be turned into a scrumptious dessert? It can! For this tart, I mixed plain Greek-style yogurt with chocolate hazelnut spread to make a dreamy filling. And instead of the traditional crispy crust, I used a Betty Crocker® brownie mix to make it a chewy one. To add another layer of texture, I garnished the tart with chopped hazelnuts. The best part is, it all takes very little effort. Take a look!

To make the tart, I bake the brownie batter in a quiche baking pan with a removable bottom.

When the brownie is cooled to room temperature, I make the filling, mixing together Yoplait® Greek yogurt, chocolate-hazelnut spread and some vanilla extract. Then I spread that mixture evenly over the brownie crust. PHOTO3BrownieTart
To finish it off, I add roughly chopped hazelnuts. They not only look great, but also add a delicious crunch to the tart. Fresh raspberries would also make a delicious topping! PHOTO5BrownieTart
Enjoy this make-ahead tart anytime you want a chocolate fix! HazelnutBrownieTart_beauty