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Easy Dessert Pizza

Give a twist to dessert by serving a sweet and simple pizza.

We are a family of pizza lovers. We try to make it at least one a week. It’s easy, inexpensive and hits the spot. Not to mention it’s something we can ALL agree on...and that’s not easy to do with a family of 5 (6 if you count our fur baby). I’m one of those people who even loves pizza for breakfast. I know. It’s not the best option in the world. I blame my college budget and nostalgia!

Have you ever had pizza for dessert? I mean sweet pizza? Yes, now you can have pizza for breakfast, dinner and dessert! Hooray! This sweet pizza starts out with a cookie crust. A chocolate chip cookie crust to be exact. Who’s with me?


Then it’s iced with a sweet layer of cream cheese and topped with creamy chocolate pudding. For a little contrast and texture, we’ve got nuts...and lots of them. Add your favorite here. There is no set rule. It’s your pizza, after all.

Dessert pizza is great for parties or just because. You can even bake up the “crust” the day before and then ice it when you’re ready to eat it.

Blogger Paula Jones of bell’alimento makes a sweet pizza with chocolate chip cookie mix.

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