3 Can't-Miss Cookie Recipes

Quick and easy cookies are a mouthwatering treat any time of day. Give these fun ideas a try!

Ever thought about having a cookie for breakfast? How about one made with cheese? We have a few amazing cookie ideas that stand out from all others. Are you ready?


1. Bacon Granola Cookies. Why not switch up breakfast with these brilliant bites? We admit that they do sound a little odd. But trust us when we say they taste absolutely fabulous. The saltiness of the bacon mingles with the sweetness of the cake mix, while granola provides a little crunch. It all comes together in a flash. (And we bet the cookies will disappear just as quickly!)


2. Lemon, Thyme Walnut Cookies. How about a savory cookie that features thyme, zesty lemon and a hint of salt? This cookie is still a little sweet, but it works wonderfully alongside sharp Cheddar cheese and creamy brie.


3. Banana-Rainbow Chip Cookies. Why not one for the young and young at heart? Rainbow party chip cake mix and banana pudding mix come together for a moist, soft cookie. It would be great for a child’s birthday party or any summer gathering.

What do you think...are you ready to try something deliciously different?

Bloggers Adam and Joanne Gallagher from Inspired Taste make breakfast cookies with crispy bacon and crunchy granola bites.

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Bloggers Adam and Joanne Gallagher from Inspired Taste make savory lemon thyme cookies with walnuts that would complement a cheese platter.

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