Yvette Marquez

Blogger - Muy Bueno Cookbook
Yvette draws culinary inspiration from her grandmother's old-world northern Mexican recipes and her mother's comforting south of the border home-style dishes. Though she writes primarily about her culinary adventures on her blog, Muy Bueno Cookbook, she also contributes recipes to Mamiverse.com and works as a recipe developer with IMUSA USA and Avocados from Mexico. Her cookbook Muy Bueno: Three Generations of Authentic Mexican Flavor (Hippocrene Books), written with her sister Veronica and mother Evangelina, was published in October 2012. Besides her blog, Yvette has also been featured in Latina Magazine, and the websites of Paula Deen, The Pioneer Woman, SAVEUR, Siempre Mujer, and Gourmet, among others. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two children.
January 31, 2015
Inspired by Austin, Texas’ breakfast taco scene, Betty blogger Yvette Marquez whips up her own take, using leftover corn tortillas, eggs and Old El Paso chiles. READ MORE
December 21, 2013
This festive egg bake is too pretty and too tasty to serve just for breakfast. It’s terrific morning, noon and night! READ MORE
June 18, 2013
Try these colorful shrimp tacos for a family dinner with celebratory flair. READ MORE
March 22, 2014
Betty blogger Yvette Marquez dresses up a basic cake recipe with stout beer, hot coffee and a decadent cream cheese glaze. READ MORE
August 23, 2013
Perfect for a kids’ party or sleepover, this “tower of pizza” and is sure to delight. READ MORE
February 28, 2014
Keeping a stash of these savory empanada hand pies in your freezer means a comforting meal’s just 20 minutes away. READ MORE
October 22, 2013
Honor the memory of loved ones lost with a traditional Día de los Muertos celebration. READ MORE
November 27, 2013
Mexican chocolate gives this classic dessert deep flavor and fudgy texture. READ MORE
May 3, 2013
Mexican comfort food at its finest, this family recipe for chilaquiles is a must-try. READ MORE
October 27, 2013
This simple recipe is completely effortless. Just add a handful of ingredients to your slow cooker and walk away. READ MORE
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