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Associate Editor - Bettycrocker.com
At this point, associate editor Claire Davidson is probably 98 percent pasta sauce. After all, an early immersion in the comforts of Italian cooking taught her that food is love; to this day, she piles on more parmesan than is socially acceptable. When she’s not busy eating pasta, Claire can be found in hot pursuit of the perfect playlist or pair of boots. She also enjoys French films, Irish whiskeys and canine friends of all kinds.
January 27, 2014
See what our editors have been craving—and cooking—with help from December’s cookbook pick: Lucinda Scala Quinn’s “Mad Hungry Cravings.” READ MORE
October 22, 2013
Treating your family to old-fashioned, homemade jam has never been easier than with this automatic machine that does the work for you! READ MORE
November 19, 2013
Is there anything better than bacon and potato? We think not. After all, they make a lovely pair in everything from loaded baked potatoes to pizzas, apps, salads and more! READ MORE
October 31, 2013
Over the years, Betty’s always been our go-to for party planning, no matter the theme. This Halloween, why not be inspired by some of her vintage recipes? READ MORE
January 7, 2014
She may not have officially represented the company, but this Betty Crocker was one smart cookie, investing in her namesake early and working as a successful businesswoman in Los Angeles. READ MORE
October 1, 2013
Betty Crocker has always worn many hats, but did you know she once had her very own radio show? “The Betty Crocker Cooking School of the Air” was one of the longest running radio programs in U.S. History. READ MORE
November 5, 2013
From easy-to-make meals and Grandma’s homemade cookies to laundry necessities—see Betty’s best bets for sending a little love to students living far away from home. READ MORE
November 7, 2013
We’re nostalgic for this tasty treat—easy to recreate today with one of Betty’s delicious fruit crisp recipes. READ MORE
January 14, 2014
What was the key to a long and happy marriage back in the 1950s? If you were the beaming couple in this vintage ad, it was most certainly a Betty Crocker appliance. READ MORE
November 29, 2013
Learn how to bake a chicken with Betty by following the simple steps outlined in our tried-and-true recipe! READ MORE
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